Random International & Danil Krivoruchko / Pace Verso / Snark.Art / 2022


Life in Our Minds (LIOM) is one of the most collaborative, technologically innovative NFT projects to date. It opens up an interplay between collective ownership and individual mark-making and, in so doing, represents a new form of public sculpture.

Pace Verso, Pace Gallery’s web3 hub, and’s OG.Art NFT platform are pleased to announce a new generative NFT project by Random International in collaboration with multidisciplinary digital artist Danil Krivoruchko.

This multi-dimensional artwork consists of two major parts: an NFT collection and an interactive generative virtual sculpture entitled ‘The Mother Flock.’ Both the collection and The Mother Flock are made from the same basic matter — 3D origami objects called Boids. During the development of the project, all the elements — Boids, NFTs, and The Mother Flock — will go through a complex evolutionary process that depends on the NFT collectors’ behaviors.

The evolution mechanics of the project offer collectors the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of the artwork as it shapeshifts, incentivizing long-term retention of the NFT. By encouraging purchasers to retain their Life in Our Minds NFTs for extended periods, the artists and project partners aim to upend typical behaviors in the crypto market—including speculation and flipping—and, in the process, introduce a new generation of crypto collectors to the space.

Additional materials are available at the Pace Gallery site
and OG.ART platform.

1. Upon minting, each collector receives a LIOM NFT that contains a small number of Boids. The NFT’s primary look is generated according to the content of the owner's wallet and an element of random luck.

2. The longer a Life in Our Minds NFT remains in a single collector’s wallet, the rarer and more elaborate its formal characteristics become: the number of Boids may increase, and their formations and decorative patterns may change.

3. Some NFT properties are predefined - for example, shape, evolution speed, and maximum number of Boids. Other properties are affected by the buyer's wallet - for example, pattern. LIOM NFTs can also contain randomly distributed qualities, such as higher-than-average evolution speed or higher-than-average maximum number of Boids.

4. More than 50 major collections and partners give LIOM NFTs unique decorative patterns that represent other NFTs in the owner's wallet.

5. Each Boid simultaneously exists as a part of its NFT and as a part of the Mother Flock virtual sculpture. As more Boids appear and change their visual traits, the sculpture constantly evolves.



Life in Our Minds has collaborated with Flamingo DAO, Pleasr DAO, Fingerprints DAO, PROOF Collective, Tom Sachs Rocket Factory, Moonbirds, Outland, Pace Verso, OG:Crystals, Ksoids, and 89 Seconds Atomized (50+ supported collections ) to offer custom evolutionary traits that are only available to people who hold NFTs associated with these partners.


The Mother Flock consists of a myriad of Boids that form the sculpture’s individually owned NFTs. The Mother Flock’s visual traits are informed by the behavior of its constituent Boids, bringing ideas about the power of both collective and individual action to the fore of the project.

Life in Our Minds is deeply engaged with scientific research surrounding the psychology and behavior of both humans and flocking birds. Namely, Fritz Heider and Marianne Simmel’s 1944 ‘Experimental Study of Apparent Behaviour,’ which revealed a human tendency to ascribe character, intent, and narrative to the complex behaviors of simple moving forms, as well as Craig Reynolds’s 1986 artificial life program “Boids,” which simulated the flocking behavior of birds.

Another layer to this project is that it can be seen as live evidence of market interactions. Each LIOM NFT represents the wallet of its current owner and said owner’s activity. Consequently, the whole collection presented in The Mother Flock is a manifestation of the global LIOM NFT market and its activity metrics. Furthermore, as LIOM NFTs bear traits from more than 50 major NFT collections and partners, the Mother Flock represents the whole NFT market’s dynamics.




Random International & Danil Krivoruchko
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